My Art & Picture book “Wanderlust” was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2018 with the help of 197 backers.

"Wanderlust, My adventures to where you are" is my first art & picture book. I created 15 ink paintings with paper cut layers, that were scanned professionally to create this hard cover book full of adventure and two whimsical journeys.

ISBN: 9789082995503


history of wanderlust

Since 2017 I've been working on the illustrations for my Art & Story book "Wanderlust". This hardcover book is filled with new whimsical page wide ink paintings that tell a story of friendship and courage without the use of words.

In October 2018 I launched a Kickstarter campaign to try and realise the last illustrations and printing of the book through crowdfunding. Everyone to support me with a pledge, was able to choose their own reward tier, of course including the book and other exclusive goodies.

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About the book

My illustrations often revolve around little animal friends traveling from point A to B using some kind of whimsical transportation. Walking the tightrope, riding a fluffy kitten, flying amidst butterflies, or sailing aboard the a paper boat. For my book Wanderlust, I have recreated these illustrations and I also added new adventures. I used ink and paper cut layers in an intricate manner to showcase my current work and style. While every illustration is a mini adventure on its own, both tiny characters Isabella and Oliver embark upon a grand adventure to find their way to each other. Isabella’s journey forms part one of the book. Oliver’s travels make up the second part.

The question that remains is; will they meet each other half way?


meet the characters


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behind the scenes