Hi! My name is Nadya. I was born in 1986 in a small European Country called ‘The Netherlands’, more commonly known as “Holland”. I am married to Bjorn and I’m mommy to toddler boy Luke. I launched my illustration business in 2012 and I work from my own art studio in Heerlen. I have been drawing ever since I was a little girl and enjoy it a tremendous amount (and more) until this day! I love to create whimsical worlds in which the cute, friendly and adventurous creatures and critters of my imagination come to life. A portion of my illustrations can be categorised as "children's art". My art may be enjoyed by every age group though! Whatever ideas pop into my head are translated by my pencil on paper and into pixel. From a little adventurer in a paper boat on open sea to mermaids and magic. All is allowed within my world of art. Will you visit me there?